Redrum Prevention: Avoiding Your Own Redrum In Quarantine

It’s a crazy time. We’re all trying to digest and interpret what’s going on. We’re all trying to stay safe. We’re all going to be home, with our loved ones, a lot more than usual.We need to stay balanced and healthy during this time, and there a multiple dimensions to health – physical, mental and spiritual. How about we all keep our heads on straight, lower our anxiety, and keep our energy balanced and positive?20200320_101835.jpg

Being cooped up in such close quarters can mess with your mind, and your mood.I mean, look at what happened to Jack Torrence. He thought being a quiet and quaint setting would be good for his family. After all, he was only trying to get some writing done. We all saw how that turned out for Jack…Let’s all work together here…let’s prevent Redrum from happening in our houses.

Top Tips for Redrum Prevention:

1. Communicate

Talk to your family, your loved ones, whoever you are cooped up with. It is important to allow each other to express fears, anxiety, worries and feelings during an uncertain time. Having discussions can provide a place for people to vent their feelings and to talk things out to come to logical conclusions and ways forward.Communication requires both expression and listening.

If only Jack had listened to Wendy’s needs…

2. Exercise

Your body needs to move. Physical activity can reduce stress, pump you full of positive endorphins, and help you to deal with the situation. It feels good. Do you have an old piece of equipment collecting dust in the corner or serving as a wardrobe for our clothes? Dust it off. Turn it on. Or do a no equipment needed workout. You can combine jumping jacks, jumping squats, just jumping, push ups, sit-ups, planks and all sorts of moves in effective sweat sessions. Feel free to request some samples in the comments below – I have some good ones. Or go online for a wealth of choices.

If only Jack had walked the halls of the hotel everyday…

3. Eat Healthy

Since we all raided the grocery stores and stalked up for the end of the world, spend some time cooking. You all have access to a million recipes online. Maybe you can dust off an old cookbook. Spending time in the kitchen is a constructive activity, and making time to eat together creates a sense of enjoyment and community for the caged animals in your home.

If only Jack hadn’t abandoned family dinner for cocktails with a ghost…

4. Get Fresh Air

Go outside. Even in winter wonderland its doable. Dress right. Walk, run, skip. Walk through the park, along the frozen river, or through the forest. Hell, you can even pack a sandwich and take a beer with you (I do). Even in winter, I got in several walks and a couple of patio times this week…

And to think that poor Jack was all cooped up in the big hotel…

5. Engage Your Mind

Do a puzzle. Read a book. Watch a documentary. Keep your brain working. Hell, some of you have to become mathematicians and scientists in your new role as home teacher. Embrace it.Jack should have taken a break to do a puzzle…

6. Interact

Thanks to this inter web thingy and a million platforms and applications, you can talk to other people that aren’t in your home. Set up a coffee date or a happy hour with a friend or two. Talk things out, support each other, and drink lots of wine while doing so.

Just make sure the person you are video chatting with is real…not a ghost like Jack’s best friend at the bar…

7. Play

Yes, I said it, play! As adults, even without the end of the world coming, we lose our ability to play. Who cares how old you are? It’s OK to dance, it’s OK to be silly, it’s OK to have fun. Blast off some of that negative energy by embracing a real sense of play and enjoyment. My favourite thing to do is dress up like an 80s rock star and dance. And I walk my own talk. A few days before my city shut down, I was at a bar dancing to a live 80s metal band, in full gear. Yes, I was. Now, my dance parties are at home in every part of the house.

Jack should have had a dance party…20200117_075820.jpg

8. Do that thing you never make time for

Yes, do it. Read that book. Play that guitar. Bake that fancy cake. In fact, I’m going to have cake day – there’s this pretty lemon cake that I wanted to try making. Now is the time. What’s something you’ve been dying to try? Comment below – maybe you’ll inspire someone else.Jack should have taken a break from writing to bake a cake…

9. Maintain a Routine

Through it all, no matter how big, or small, the herd of animals cooped up in your home is, maintain a sense of routine. It makes things feel normal, and it helps to create space for spending time together, and giving each other the space that we all need. My morning writing times have stayed in tact. When my husband poked his head in the other day, I said, “Can’t you see me typing?” He left. He was trying to avoid Redrum. Haha.image

10. Remove all axes from your houseJust in case you have no freakin idea what Redrum is, or in case you love it soooooo much….


Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 5.37.11 PM

These are just my ideas. What things have you done, or are you doing to maintain a healthy, balanced eco-system during this cooped up, uncertain time? Please feel free to share in the comments below. Let’s give each other some ideas!!!