Keeping Your Energy Positive

I know, I know, my little demons. This is a crazy time.

The news is overwhelming. It’s a constant stream, a bombardment of bad things, and a builder of stress. As you peruse the headlines, a ball of bad energy builds up inside of you. It’s too much.

Your entire life, routine, familiar flow has been totally disrupted. The roles you play have changed. Your day looks entirely different than it did before.

Your work, your projects, your passions have been turned upside down.

The future is unknown.

But…the future is always unknown. There will always be things that happen in life that disrupt our plan. Our normal way. Our flow. All of this has a significant impact on our ENERGY.

Peaceful Holiday

We can CHOOSE how our energy is effected. Yes, we can.

Yes. Things suck right now.

There is a lot to think about, to process, to deal with.

BUT you can CHOOSE to let it overwhelm you, turn your energy negative, and be bombarded with all the information flying around.

OR you can CHOOSE to break it up into pieces, deal with each piece, one at a time, and rejig your ENERGY and your FOCUS.

There are multiple things we can do to cope. Today, we will talk about your ENERGY.

You can take ownership of your energy. If we all choose to let the overwhelming ball of negativity, worry and anxiety build within us, then we will fuel the fire. We will be part of that looming doom and gloom. We not only let our own negativity fires burn, we fuel the fires of those around – even if it is unintentional.

But, if we CHOOSE to rejig our energy, to shed the negativity, to light a fire under the kindling of positivity, well guess what, my little demons? We start a positivity party! Yeah we do.

I am NOT saying that we ignore what is going on. It is important to be aware, to digest, to strategize, and to communicate with our families and our loved ones. It is important to be part of the solution.

What I AM saying is that if we approach what is going on with negativity and panic, then we only make things worse.

First off, by choosing to be in a bad space, we make ourselves less effective. We lose our ability to think clearly and logically and to come to good conclusions about what we can and cannot influence. We are not at our full potential to deal with our situation.

Secondly, our bad energy rubs off on those around us, bringing them down. So now we’ve fuelled the fire of negativity, and it spreads from person to person. Bad energy spreads easily. And you don’t have to have in person contact to do so. All that we accomplish is to make others feel bad, thus making them less effective as well.

Thirdly, bad energy is bad for our health. Anxiety, worry, and negativity compromise our immune systems, running us down, and putting us out of commission. Do you want to be out of commission right now when your family, friends, loved ones, community, and perhaps others, need you? And YOU need you. Yes. You do.

SO – how about you join me, my little demons, and CHOOSE to rejig that energy.

HOW? It’s easy. You only need a few minutes. I suggest you do at least one of these things at least once a day. Do as many as you want, as often as you want!!!

You can pick ANY activity that elevates your energy. I have some suggestions here. PLEASE FEEL FREE to add to the list – just comment below. Let’s help each other with constructive ideas.

  1. DANCY PARTY – put on a song that makes you feel good, crank it, and have a five minute dance party – YEAH! Who cares what you look like? NO ONE can see you. A few suggestions: Good Vibrations (Marky Mark), Feels, Fight for Your Right (To Party)
  2. MEDITATION – sit in a quiet room, in a comfortable spot and close your eyes for five minutes. Imagine all those bad thoughts in your head simply floating away into nothing. Clear your mind. Take deep breaths and relish in the stillness. Christmas Nurture
  3. SINGING BOWLS – add a singing bowl to your meditation. If you have one. If not, don’t worry. You can also find singing bowl meditations online and play it in the background. The beautiful vibrations of the singing bowl calm your mind and still your energy, depening your meditation.
  4. JOKES – read some jokes. Yeah. Or share your favourite jokes amongst your family and friends! Why the hell not? You can read them to each other, post them online, whatever works!!
  5. JOURNALLING – take a note pad and pen, find a quiet place, and free write for five minutes. Just let it all out. Everything that is bothering you. It’s amazing what writing it down, getting it all out, and leaving it on the page can do.
  6. COUNTER the NEGATIVITY – write down the sentences, thoughts, ideas that are plaguing your mind. For each one, counter it. Write something positive against it. Is is something you can fix? Great – how can you fix it. Is it something that you have no control over? Then let it go. Release it from your mind. A lot of the bad things in our minds are amplified by our worry. When we write them down, their power is lessened. By looking them in the eye, we can come up with a strategy to deal with them, a way to put them into perspective, or a way to release it. TIP SHEET - Mental Refocus
  7. HUGS – yes, I said it. Whoever you are confined in your home with, give them a hug. Your husband, your child, your cat, your dog. If you are alone – then send a virtual hug to five friends on your favourite social media platform.
  8. VIDEOS – oh my gosh…yes…find a funny video online and watch it. Why not? The power of LAUGHTER is amazing. A few of my favourites: Tight Pants, Surprise Party, Alien Encounter Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 2.07.33 PM
  9. FRESH AIR – if you can go out for a walk, do it. The fresh air and movement elevates your mood. If you can’t, then go into your backyard, onto your balcony, whatever you have access to and take a few deep breaths.20180323_152556
  10. SWEAT IT OUT – a great sweat session purges bad energy and infuses you with good energy. If you have any equipment – treadmill, bike and trainer, great, get on it for at least 15 minutes. If you don’t, then do a series of jumping jacks, jumps, leaps, running in place, burpees, pushups, sit-ups, squats…whatever gets your sweating.

SO – what are YOU going to do NOW to take ownership of YOUR ENERGY???