A Dose of Happy

Hello readers, little demons, and friends. How are you doing? No, really. How ARE you doing? I would love to know. Your comments are welcome.

This is a simple – hi, how are you? – post.

We are all bombarded by scary, negative information right now.
We are all unsure of what will happen next.
The world around us is trying to figure out what to do.

I know you want to go back to ‘normal’. To go out for a glass of wine with a friend in the afternoon. To take part in summer activities. To leisurely browse your favourite bookstore. We all have things we miss. Things we are craving! I would LOVE to go out for a dose of live music, dancing and socializing with friends. Oh yes, I have moments where I just want to claw my way out of these walls around me.

But, I need to have a little patience. We all need to have a little patience. With each other, and with ourselves.



When our uneasiness becomes intolerable, when our anxiety swells, we must regroup. I know it’s hard. But, if the let our bad feelings and thoughts get away from us, we infect ourselves and our family members. The energy can even seep through the world wide web into our online virtual meetings and classes

I say we CHOOSE to be positive. Even when it gets tough. We can create our own sunshine filled patio with a dose of happy hour.

There are number of things we can do right now.

Reframe our situation.
It doesn’t take much effort for me to see through another person’s eyes and realize that so many have much, much worse situations than I do. Why think about this? First of all, it helps me to be grateful for what I have and to change that energy within me to one of love. Also, it makes me aware of anything that I can do to help those that may need it. Take a few minutes each morning and think about, or write down, a few things that you are grateful for.


Fresh Air and Exercise.
If you can go outside right now, get a little sunshine. I LOVE my bike. I have mostly been spinning inside to help keep the traffic outside low. Now that the weather has turned (Hallelujah), I have ventured outside. To avoid causing more clutter on already problematic pathways, I stick to times during which less people are out, and I stay on the quieter roads. I hardly see anyone. I get a does of sunshine. I get a good sweat on, which purges my bad energy and replaces it with a happy glow.
Whatever you can do, a walk, a sit on the patio, a home workout, seriously, do it. Keep yourself physically and mentally healthy.



Create Theme Nights.
We love Taco Tuesday in our house. The last one just so happened to fall on Cinco de Mayo. We had homemade tacos, a little tequila, put on some festive music, and we even got to sit in our back yard to enjoy our festive dinner.

Create Your Own Fun.
I love, love, love to read and to write. I created story time. I dress the part and create videos of readings of some of my favourite stories. Then I share them with you, or anyone who wants to listen. These will be coming on my website soon, so stay tuned if you are interested. What do you LOVE to do? What is FUN for you? Can you create it right now in your home? Allowing ourselves to have fun boosts our level of happiness. It is so important. Especially right now.



Share LOVE.
Every little bit of love and happiness you can share is very important. When I was grocery shopping the other day, I was approached my someone who worked at the store. She gave me some free flowers as a random act of kindness. My mood was elevated the rest of the day, and I thought about my own actions and impact on those around me.


I hope something in this post made you smile. Share YOUR dose of happiness in the comments! What do YOU do when you need a little burst of positive energy? Let’s all share our ideas and build our list of things we can do to CHOOSE the right energy.