Scariest Serial Killers – Episode 2

Welcome, little demons, to episode two of the Scariest Serial Killers.

This feature will take you on a deep dive into some of the evilest minds lurching in the shadows. Serial killers are indeed a unique brand of killer. The extensive research I have done to fuel my old school detective versus serial killer series resulted in a clear identification of a set of traits, or components, that make up the breed of serial killer that I strive to capture.

This month, I’ve chosen a less talked about, yet horrifically sadistic killer — Robert Pickton, the pig farmer that lived in British Columbia. Through the lens of what composes a true serial killer, we will focus on his extensive repertoire, his ability to slip through the cracks, and his sick, twisted doings in his most sadistic fantasy.

Extensive Repertoire

Pickton became the suspect in the largest serial killer investigation in Canada. The total accounts of murder he was charged with kept creeping up, reaching twenty-seven, with another twelve later added. He later admitted to forty-nine accounts to an under-cover police officer. He complained about wanting to make it an even fifty, but he got sloppy and got caught.

Slipping Through the Cracks

Pickton ran a non-profit organization, the Piggy Palace Good Times Society, using it as a front for huge parties on his property. Often prostitutes and other wanderers would attend. The high attendance and the plethora of those that would be ‘less missed’ made it straight forward for Pickton to pick from the patch.

In 1997, when charged with an attempted murder of a woman, the clothes and rubber boots that Pickton had been wearing were seized. They resided for seven years in a storage locker before being processed. DNA from two of the missing women were found on this forgotten outfit.

In 1998, police received a tip that Pickton had remains in his freezer. Upon checking it out, dear Robert was so pleasant and more than willing to let them in. Thus, they declined his offer to look around. Consent creates doubt.

Sadistic Doings

When Pickton’s property was finally searched, conveyor belts and soil sifters were brought in. Over 80 DNAs were found, both of men and women.


The items found on his property was beyond horrifying. Among them were skulls cut in half with feet stuffed inside, a .22 calibre with an attached dildo, faux fur lined handcuffs, Spanish Fly aphrodisiac, and night vision goggles.

Putting together the pieces, it seemed that Robert was handcuffing, strangling then bleeding out and gutting his victims before feeding them to his pigs. It was suspected that he was also grinding up human meat, mixing it with that of the pigs he raised, and selling it to the public.

Less talked about. Yet one of the sickest and most terrifying serial killers.

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