Scariest Serial Killers – Episode 3

Welcome, fellow demons, to episode three of the Scariest Serial Killers.

Today, we take a look at Charles Ng. There’s a lot to know about Charles, and you can read all about his run ins with the law (automatic weapons, explosives, etc.) I am going to focus on the most disturbing tidbits that I came across.

First off – he was hiding in Fish Creek Park in Calgary, AB, Canada. Yes. Fish Creek Park. I said it. Since I am born and raised in Calgary, there is sure to be at least one other person that will read this and be shocked. He was hiding in a lean to in one of the most beautiful nature parks in our lovely city. Oh yes. You could have been out for a nature stroll and walked right by him, thinking to yourself he was just a poor, unfortunate homeless guy who found a place to rest.

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You think that’s scary? Get this. He was only caught because of an urge to steal something. Due to his condition – Kleptomania – he could not resist this burning desire. He went into a store, stole a can of salmon, got caught in the act, and shot a security guard. Once captured, they figured out who he was. Over a can of salmon. Clearly it was the sickness of needing to steel and not the item itself.

The mere fact that he made his way across the border and this far up north, then hid for months unnoticed while families frolicked near by is enough to send a chill up my spine.

But, it gets darker. Of course it does. I’m writing this, so, it gets darker.

I move onto his fantasy. It’s involved. He didn’t operate alone. Charles had a partner in crime (or shall we say sadistic murder), and his name was Leonard (Lake). The two of them transformed Leonard’s brother’s property from a lovely cabin on the lake into a torture dungeon. Of course, the brother and his best friend were murdered before the cabin underwent such a transformation.

Charles and Leonard used this dungeon to torture their victims. Often, they would kill the men and children that they lured in, and keep the women to rape and torture. Some of their victims died from the wounds. I’m swallowing hard as I write this. Can you imagine slowly dying from torture?

If you went anywhere near this dungeon, you didn’t come out.

A dungeon is scary enough, yet, it gets worse. Upon searching the property, burial grounds were also uncovered. Along with 40 pounds of human remains, at least eleven bodies, and an indication of at least twenty-five victims. Charles and Leonard had captured a lot of their life’s work on video tape, leaving a detailed journal of their accomplishments.

Once in jail, Charles continue to be quirky. He filed complaints about the strength of his eyeglasses, the temperature of the food and his right to do origami. He’d completely separated from the acts that got him behind bars – or so it appears. He even launched malpractice suits against his lawyers and eventually represented himself.

It was thought he had dependent personality disorder.

He ended up on death row in San Quentin.

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