Final Track has been LAUNCHED!!!

Final Track Book Trailer

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Didn’t get your copy in the depths of the beer soaked dive bar?

If you live in Calgary, message me! If you don’t, you have options:

Final Track on Amazon (US)

Final Track on Amazon (CAN)

Final Track on KOBO

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It’s 1987. Hair is big. Rock ‘n roll is hard. A killer leaves elaborate scenes in city parks — re-enactments of a dark fantasy driven by ritual. Detective Mahoney is haunted by the word “serial” as he confronts the ghost faces of a past failed case. The bodies stack up. The linkage is undeniable. The clues are bizarre and inconclusive. Drowning in human carnage and pulled into the wild underground of hard rock, Detective Mahoney questions his old school methods. Does he trust his gut? Does he embrace new hocus pocus profiling? Or does he let the ghost faces drive him to insanity while a killer runs free?

Take a sneak peak into the book with Glam Demon Julie as she delivers creepy readings into your living room…

80s Heavy Metal Party / Final Track Book Launch was a blast. One of the coldest nights ever, Glammed up party goers showed up to a beer soaked bar in a basement to celebrate the 80s and the book. Books were signed, a reading was requested (which totally amazed me), and a plethora of rad dance moves were unleashed!!! Read all about it here.