Psychological Serial Killer Series

A taster of the Detective Mahoney Series.

A serial killer with a passion for parasitic plants…how gruesome can it get?

It’s 1987. Hair is big. Everything glimmers. A park ranger makes a gruesome discovery in Waterton National Park—the roots of an endangered plant plunging deep into the torso of an atomic tangerine corpse. Fresh off the first serial killer case to grasp his home town, Detective Mahoney is hurled into a series of murder scenes featuring human-plant creations. The corpses stack up. The similarities are undeniable. Mahoney attempts to blur the images of herbaceous-human concoctions crawling into the crevices of his mind with shots of bourbon at a glam rock bar in a dead-beat prairie town.


Equipped with a firecracker criminal profiler and a meticulous medical examiner, Mahoney blends physical and behavioural science into his investigation. Does following his gut pay off, or does the garden of a horticultural madman with a passion for parasitic plants continue to flourish?

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The year is 1979. The desert is hot. Rock ’n’ roll is psychedelic.

When Park Ranger Blackwood discovers a murder scene, the mirror image of how her sister was left by the cult that killed her, she must face the past she ran from.

A serial killer leaves the bodies of young women transformed into horror corpses with black-patch eyes hanging from red rocks.

In a small town infested with religious fever and hungry for tourist money…

Reeling in an emotional spin from a night with a mountain goddess…

Faced with an onslaught of images of her sister’s murder…

A park ranger is forced to take a homicide investigation into her own hands. Is her grief-stricken mind twisting reality? Has the cult that killed her sister resurfaced? Will she find answers? Or will her sister’s death haunt her forever?

Final Track: Detective Mahoney Series Book 1

A hallucination plagued detective teams up with a criminal profiler in the wild underground of heavy metal to hunt a serial killer carving lyrics into the flesh of his victims.

The year is 1987. Hair is big. Rock ’n’ roll is hard.

When a body with a glam-rock makeover is discovered, a detective haunted by a dark past must embrace new investigative techniques.

A serial killer leaves a trail of carnage without a trace. A detective is trapped in the wild underground of heavy metal.
Closer to the killer than he knows…will he be the hunter or the prey?

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Acid Track: Detective Mahoney Series Book 2

A hallucination possessed detective must befriend the psychotic slayer he locked up to hunt a serial killer preserving the bodies of young boys and keeping their eyes as trophies.

The year is 1987. Hairspray is thick. Everything glimmers.

The skeletal remains of a dead boy are discovered deep in a cave.

Detective Mahoney spirals down a dark path filled with horrific images reminding him of past failures. Is a murderous psychopath his only key to the truth?

The cryptic lyrics of an acid rock god lead him deep into the belly of the hot, dry desert. The death count spikes. The clues are horrifying.

Will he live to see the other side?

Back Track: Detective Mahoney Series Book 3

It’s 1989. The moon is full. Rock is Gothic.

The exsanguinated remains of a young girl are found in a park in big-city Toronto. Her eyes are circled with blood-red makeup. Her lips are painted black. She’s a duplicate demon doll from the Susie Slaughters—a case gone cold sixteen years ago.

A case that has haunted Detective Mahoney ever since.

Thrust into an investigation festering with ulterior motives, Det. Mahoney must confront

the corpse faces of dead girls whispering of his failure to save them.

The moon is waxing toward full. The killer leaves a trail of bloodless bodies tainted with bite marks and animal hair.

Det. Mahoney goes off the rails into his own investigation. Will he catch a human monster before another victim is bled out? Or will the glam night creature descend into hibernation until the next cycle of kills?