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The Omens Call, the next horror anthology in The Devil’s Rock Publishing lineup, has NOW launched!! This is an exciting NEW RELEASE!

The evil duo, Hiner and Willcocks, are thrilled at how this collection turned out. Full of dark stories of bad omens, nightmarish superstitions, and ghastly premonitions, it is sure to delight the horror lover.

This beauty was unveiled with a super fun horror filled live stream to the Horror Writers Collaborative Facebook group. The group is open to anyone interested. Join the group (I promise that Demon Julie will let you in), and watch the replay of the livestream launch.

GET your copy HERE.

I am thrilled to have my story, Hallowed Killer, amongst an amazing group of authors, and part of this beautiful collection produced by Nick Harper of BloodRitesHorror.

An ode to serial killers and slashers, this collection is a treat for horror lovers, just in time for Halloween!

Grab your copy HERE.

Do you remember the famous Monty Python – ‘Fuck off I’m full!’ I do. I am over the moon that a story I wrote inspired by wafer thin and fuelled by my own real life explosive experiences has been included in Terrace VI: Forbidden Fruit.

Get your copy HERE.

Check out other dark and delicious delights by 7th Terrace.

Don’t miss out on this amazing, frightening, and devilishly delightful book featuring a gathering of authors whose stories will send a prickle up your spine. I’m thrilled that Corpse Forest, my own short horror story, made it into this amazing collection.

Get your copy now! The Other Side

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Did you miss the launch party?! You can still watch it. Grab a stiff libation, join in a toast to horror, and let Demon Julie poke a cold hand down your insides with a creepy reading or two. Watch it HERE.