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Terrors from the Toy Box

Wrap your claws around this creepy collection of toy inspired stories.


Owen’s Terrarium

Owen loves classic horror films, his exotic pets, and a beautiful cheese and wine pairing. Driven by an upward spike of pain as he fights the urges spawned by his sickness, he hides from the world.

At home, he relishes in the beauty of his carefully acquired exotic pets, works on the new, sterile terrarium in the basement, or devours a wheel of cheese while viewing a horror delight on the big screen in his film room. At the Elm Film House, he hides in the basement, examining reel after reel for flaws. He only surfaces to run a double horror feature at Friday Fright Night.

He is destined to fight the evil within, alone, except for his pets. Until a milky-skinned, chocolate-haired goddess enters the stage of his troubled life. New feelings emerge.

Old ones boil beneath the surface.

This is the way that Owen’s life takes a drastic turn: with a forced surfacing from the basement of the Elm Film House ,and an unexpected guest at Friday Fright Night.

What path will Owen be destined to follow?
One of happiness? Or one drenched in blood?

The Omens Call, the next horror anthology in The Devil’s Rock Publishing lineup, is now available!

The evil duo, Hiner and Willcocks, are thrilled at how this collection turned out. Full of dark stories of bad omens, nightmarish superstitions, and ghastly premonitions, it is sure to delight the horror lover.

This Halloween, usher in the spookiest of seasons with a collection of fourteen haunting tales from some of the finest talents in indie horror today. A curious coffin calls to trick-or-treaters. A group of ghosts seek revenge on the one who took their lives. A woman who makes her own candy uses the most wicked of recipes. A man discovers a naked girl in the woods with no clue of who, or what, he should fear. A witch witnesses atrocity and does everything in her power to prevent history from repeating itself. A pair of otherworldly beings know the every desire of those who trespass on their abode. A local boogeyman casts a yearly shadow over the neighborhood and everyone in it.

These stories and more await within. So sit back and indulge in a steady infusion of…OCTOBER BLOOD!

INCLUDING Candy Lady by Julie Hiner.

I am thrilled to have my story, Hallowed Killer, amongst an amazing group of authors, and part of this beautiful collection produced by Nick Harper of Blood Rites Horror.

An ode to serial killers and slashers, this collection is a treat for horror lovers, just in time for Halloween!

Do you remember the famous Monty Python – ‘Fuck off I’m full!’ I do. I am over the moon that a story I wrote inspired by wafer thin and fuelled by my own real life explosive experiences has been included in Terrace VI: Forbidden Fruit.

Check out other dark and delicious delights by 7th Terrace.

Don’t miss out on this amazing, frightening, and devilishly delightful book featuring a gathering of authors whose stories will send a prickle up your spine. I’m thrilled that Corpse Forest, my own short horror story, made it into this amazing collection.

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