Costume Contest

Coming to the 80s Metal Party BOOK LAUNCH for Devil’s Track?

Then dust off your leggings, dig in the back of your closet for your gem studded belt, and open that can of hairspray!

There will be PRIZES awarded for THREE CATEGORIES

  1. Best 80s Metal Costume
  2. Best 90s Heavy Metal Costume
  3. Best – Bring Back to the 80s/90s

See below for details of each category, and a few photos for inspiration.


The first book in this beloved series that Devil’s Track belongs to is completely inspired by the 80s metal/glam/hair/hard rock gods. Really. Every scene is infused with the look and feel that many of us remember.

This contest is the for those who love big hair, flashy scarves, silky shirts, tight pleather, gem-studded belts, glitter, glam and shine. Gem it up, stud it up, and back comb it!

Have fun with this! These photos are some of my favorites, and here for inspiration. Feel free to go for the look of your own favorite 80s metal icon, or create something from those left over items still lurching in the back of your closet from another time.

As I’ve said to many of you before…you can never have enough glitter!

90s Heavy Metal

This prize is motivated by the NEW book that we will be celebrating – Devil’s Track – and the music that inspired many of the scenes. Think Rob Zombie, Black Sabbath, Slayer, and any other metal gods of the late 90s.

Attempting this is not for the faint of heart. Prepare to bring out your inner badass!

This contest is for those that like leather, studs, aren’t afraid of makeup, and don’t cringe at a little horror in their heavy metal.

BRING BACK the 80s/90s

There are certain items of clothing that SCREAM the 80s. The 90s may not have been quite so dramatic, but there were certain looks that said 90s.

Do you still have nostalgia over some ridiculous piece of clothing lurching in the back of your closet? Or do you dream of having a reason to recreate a look from back then that you loved? Then this contest is FOR YOU!

Dig around in your drawers. Open up that musty trunk in the attic. Go to your corner thrift store. Make a trip to good ‘ole Value Village.

The more you take those around you on a blast from the past, the better. Have fun!