The Energy We Hold

I hadn’t been on an airplane in years. It was finally time to embark on a much needed journey. I felt a little rusty, but trusted that my travelling experience would come back to me easily.

Whether it did, or didn’t, I wanted to go on an adventure. Adventures are good for our minds and our souls. They open up a door to a personal journey.

The packing was easy. Being an extended hiking and walking focused trip, I needed to pack specifically and efficiently. My learning over the years kicked in.

Departure day came, check in and boarding was easy.

As I took my seat, nestled between hubby and a stranger, I did experience some anxiety. It felt claustrophobic. I realized how long I would have to be confined in this space.

I could have let negative, anxiety ridden energy take over. I chose not to. I chose to tap into everything I’ve learned. A few deep breaths and intentional thinking rids the mind of bad thoughts, clears the body of poor energy, and revitalizes your entire being.

I’d held good energy up to this point during preparation, I wasn’t going to let that slip away now.

Once my being found a peaceful place, the journey flew by. A plane, several trains, and some footsteps later, we were in a beautiful place that we were eager to explore.

This trip is about experiences that we’ve been wanting to share together. It’s about moments as we take in everything around us. And it’s about love and positive vibes, holding space for ourselves and each other.

The energy you carry can absolutely feed your entire state of being, the state of those around you.

What do you do to refocus your thoughts and energy! Comments welcome.


This is GLITTER BOMB! The blog that seeks to inspire while sprinkling a healthy dose of 80s metal glitter your way!

Welcome to the first post. The post that will strive to convince you that – YES! YOU! CAN!

You know that thing you want to do, but you have a load of self-doubt…YES YOU CAN

YEAH – that THING! The one that you know deep down you really want to do. But, there’s that VOICE. The one that tells you that you can’t do that thing that you really want to do.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you can. YES. YOU. CAN.

I’ve had a lot of self-doubt throughout my life. It’s just something that is there. I used to listen to it a lot. Now I don’t. My ability to tune it out did not come naturally. It took some work. 

When I started writing Final Track (book one in my beloved series), a lot of the self-doubt that I had left behind came rushing back. Writing a novel was a big path change for me. A whole new journey. The novel that I wanted write was a fusion of 80s metal and serial killer thriller. I had so many moments when I was working on the first draft where my mind would fill with so many thoughts.

Is this stupid?

Will anyone ever read this?

Should I be doing this?

But…often when someone would ask me what I was working on, their eyes would light up when I said serial killer, detective, 80s metal. I realized that I had a world of support around me. I reminded myself that embracing that support was a huge part of letting go of my self-doubt in the past, so why not do it again?

I also chose to tap into a better voice. A voice that I had cultivated over years of focus. A voice that spoke of love and belief in me. It’s so easy for many of us to believe in others. But, for some of us, it’s really hard to believe in ourselves.

I’ve continued to feed off of the support offered to me, and accept it like something that I deserve. I’ve also continued to choose not to listen to that negative voice, but rather to reinforce that positive voice. I’m glad I did, because Final Track has gotten a lot of love from a lot of readers, and it turned into a whole series.

What is it that you want to do, but that you are stopping yourself from pursuing? What barriers are you creating for yourself?

Take a few minutes and jot down your answers. That’s the first step to moving forward.