Massive Book Makeover

It has been far too long since I’ve written a post. Far, far, too long!

I’ve been shut in my office working, working, working. This year has started off with quite the journey for me. My beloved psychological serial killer series has had a complete makeover!

The dark and twisted stories of a detective plagued with hallucinations of corpse faces on the hunt for serial killers with demented filters on reality remain untouched. The stories are delicious.

The packaging, the covers, the look and feel, have been completely redone. They look fabulous. They seep 80s Metal Murder.

Final Track and Acid Track have been revealed and remain available for your entertainment.

The third book, Back Track, will be unleashed upon the world soon! The cover reveal will be on June 2. The book will be launched on June 9. If you want in on the early access and exclusive online event, join Bon Julie’s rocking newsletter.

Festive Advent Calendar Day 10

Festive Advent Calendar DAY 10!

Itโ€™s that time of year when we are looking for the perfect gift for our loved ones (or for ourselves). From Dec 1 โ€“ 25, stop on by here for some great ideas, and support authors, artists, and musicians while doing it!

On Day 10, I bring to you Shifters of Caerton

Who do you trust when nothing is as it seems?

Ariana is an ambitious and competitive martial artist trying to figure out relationships, career and where she belongs in the city of Caerton.

Ariana soon finds out when she discovers that she’s a shapeshifter.

Now her job is to protect humanity from the demons and secret chaos worshipper that threaten to destroy her world.

But who can she trust when the lone cultist could be anyone?