The Energy We Hold

I hadn’t been on an airplane in years. It was finally time to embark on a much needed journey. I felt a little rusty, but trusted that my travelling experience would come back to me easily.

Whether it did, or didn’t, I wanted to go on an adventure. Adventures are good for our minds and our souls. They open up a door to a personal journey.

The packing was easy. Being an extended hiking and walking focused trip, I needed to pack specifically and efficiently. My learning over the years kicked in.

Departure day came, check in and boarding was easy.

As I took my seat, nestled between hubby and a stranger, I did experience some anxiety. It felt claustrophobic. I realized how long I would have to be confined in this space.

I could have let negative, anxiety ridden energy take over. I chose not to. I chose to tap into everything I’ve learned. A few deep breaths and intentional thinking rids the mind of bad thoughts, clears the body of poor energy, and revitalizes your entire being.

I’d held good energy up to this point during preparation, I wasn’t going to let that slip away now.

Once my being found a peaceful place, the journey flew by. A plane, several trains, and some footsteps later, we were in a beautiful place that we were eager to explore.

This trip is about experiences that we’ve been wanting to share together. It’s about moments as we take in everything around us. And it’s about love and positive vibes, holding space for ourselves and each other.

The energy you carry can absolutely feed your entire state of being, the state of those around you.

What do you do to refocus your thoughts and energy! Comments welcome.

Purple Zen Waves from Demon Julie

I might be Demon Julie offering you up creepy readings that make you scared of the dark, but I’m also a happy little demon bringing rainbows and sunshine to your doorstep.

I can’t help it. I love scary things. I love a chill crawling up my back as I crave the next word, sentence, page in a terrifying story, and I love to trickle that chill down your spine too. But I also love warm, happy energy. And I love creating bursts of positivity and sending them your way on a purple wavelength of zen love.

This morning the sun shone. After a week of wet, grey clouds, and persistent rain, my heart soared at the sight of the blazing yellow ball. I indulged in some time outside, sipping coffee and listening to birds chirping happy songs.

I relished in the sounds of nature as I watched the shade peel away like a blanket, revealing the glowing energy that warms the earth and sprouts spring seeds. I took in all the happy energy that flowed my way, wrapped it up in a bow, and sent it your way.

No matter what happens today, you can carve out a moment in time to sit, and to feel happy. Unwrap that box I sent your way and let the soothing purple vibes flow over you. Let the gift of singing birds and warm sunshine cloak you in happiness.

Have a lovely day.

A Dose of Happy

Hello readers, little demons, and friends. How are you doing? No, really. How ARE you doing? I would love to know. Your comments are welcome.

This is a simple – hi, how are you? – post.

We are all bombarded by scary, negative information right now.
We are all unsure of what will happen next.
The world around us is trying to figure out what to do.

I know you want to go back to ‘normal’. To go out for a glass of wine with a friend in the afternoon. To take part in summer activities. To leisurely browse your favourite bookstore. We all have things we miss. Things we are craving! I would LOVE to go out for a dose of live music, dancing and socializing with friends. Oh yes, I have moments where I just want to claw my way out of these walls around me.

But, I need to have a little patience. We all need to have a little patience. With each other, and with ourselves.



When our uneasiness becomes intolerable, when our anxiety swells, we must regroup. I know it’s hard. But, if the let our bad feelings and thoughts get away from us, we infect ourselves and our family members. The energy can even seep through the world wide web into our online virtual meetings and classes

I say we CHOOSE to be positive. Even when it gets tough. We can create our own sunshine filled patio with a dose of happy hour.

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