The Energy We Hold

I hadn’t been on an airplane in years. It was finally time to embark on a much needed journey. I felt a little rusty, but trusted that my travelling experience would come back to me easily.

Whether it did, or didn’t, I wanted to go on an adventure. Adventures are good for our minds and our souls. They open up a door to a personal journey.

The packing was easy. Being an extended hiking and walking focused trip, I needed to pack specifically and efficiently. My learning over the years kicked in.

Departure day came, check in and boarding was easy.

As I took my seat, nestled between hubby and a stranger, I did experience some anxiety. It felt claustrophobic. I realized how long I would have to be confined in this space.

I could have let negative, anxiety ridden energy take over. I chose not to. I chose to tap into everything I’ve learned. A few deep breaths and intentional thinking rids the mind of bad thoughts, clears the body of poor energy, and revitalizes your entire being.

I’d held good energy up to this point during preparation, I wasn’t going to let that slip away now.

Once my being found a peaceful place, the journey flew by. A plane, several trains, and some footsteps later, we were in a beautiful place that we were eager to explore.

This trip is about experiences that we’ve been wanting to share together. It’s about moments as we take in everything around us. And it’s about love and positive vibes, holding space for ourselves and each other.

The energy you carry can absolutely feed your entire state of being, the state of those around you.

What do you do to refocus your thoughts and energy! Comments welcome.

Sexy, Savage, Professional…Slash

When one the best hard rock albums of all time came out, I was but a young, impressionable girl.I was still well behaved back then, for the most part. I had poisoned my mind with light pop such as Celine Dion and Tiffany. I had started to reach my tentacles tentatively into the exciting vibrations of the long haired rockers that were popping up all around me.But until I experienced Appetite, well, I had no idea what real hard rock was.I recall walking into the music store and finding the plastic encased tape that would change my music listening experience forever. I also recall my mother questioning the warning labels of explicit language and other such things. I assured her it was fine. Somehow she went along with it.

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