10 Days of Halloween – Pumpkins After Dark

I had the best time at Pumpkins After Dark! What is this, you say?

There is ski hill on the outskirts of the city I grew up in, and still live in. At times during the year when the hill is not buried under snow, the hill is used for other activities. To my delight, this year it was transformed into a Halloween wonder land filled with carved pumpkins and lights! Some of the artistry, careful carving, and pure talent that was on display was breath taking.

Every display was made entirely of pumpkins! There were A LOT of pumpkins that went into this, and a lot of time, patience, and talent. It was a real treat to walk through this Halloween wonderland filled to the brim with pumpkin and lights delight!

Creations were inspired by horror greats (Freddie, Jason and Michael), characters from many realms (including the Muppets), and odes to scary scenes (I couldn’t believe the detail carved into the skeleton bikers).

I do think my favorite had to be the multiple part display of Jack the Pumpkin King!

The best part of the whole evening was sharing it with my dear mom. I do hope we have started a new yearly tradition!