10 Days of Halloween – Pumpkins After Dark

I had the best time at Pumpkins After Dark! What is this, you say?

There is ski hill on the outskirts of the city I grew up in, and still live in. At times during the year when the hill is not buried under snow, the hill is used for other activities. To my delight, this year it was transformed into a Halloween wonder land filled with carved pumpkins and lights! Some of the artistry, careful carving, and pure talent that was on display was breath taking.

Every display was made entirely of pumpkins! There were A LOT of pumpkins that went into this, and a lot of time, patience, and talent. It was a real treat to walk through this Halloween wonderland filled to the brim with pumpkin and lights delight!

Creations were inspired by horror greats (Freddie, Jason and Michael), characters from many realms (including the Muppets), and odes to scary scenes (I couldn’t believe the detail carved into the skeleton bikers).

I do think my favorite had to be the multiple part display of Jack the Pumpkin King!

The best part of the whole evening was sharing it with my dear mom. I do hope we have started a new yearly tradition!

10 Days of Halloween – Wrap Up

It’s sad to say goodbye to my beloved Halloween for another year. But, as I look back on the last week, I realize I’ve had enough fun…for now.

Our pumpkin carving was a success. The new carving toolset is awesome! I can’t wait to stretch my limits next year.

Bake time was a blast, and it was delicious. Who doesn’t love feasting on the remnants in the mixing bowl?

I spent the whole day listening to Halloween songs, including my all time favorite.

And of course, I had some devlish fun on my makeup.

To top off this amazing week with an 80s metal cherry, Halloween Howler with Broken Toyz was a blast.

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10 Days of Halloween – Bake Time!

One of the best things about Halloween…the sweet, sugary treats! I love indulging for a day.

Of course, there’s the traditional Halloween candy, the gooey caramels and mini chocolate bars. But that post is for another day…

Today we talk about baking! Oh yes. Two Halloween’s ago, I made this cake. I was shocked at how simple it really was. And it was really delicious.

Last Halloween, I didn’t do any baking. So, this Halloween I am keen! My plan is to make luscious chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing. Since I love the Pumpkin King (and just might be dressing up as him this year – stay tuned), I’m going to decorate them like this.

As with makeup (10 Days of Halloween – makeup), you only need a simple set of tools, and little spark of creativity. Don’t be afraid, if I can do it, so can you!

What amazing treats have you baked Halloweens of the past? What are you planning for this Halloween? Share your photos or describe you luscious treats in the comments.

10 Days of Halloween – Pumpkin Carving

Who doesn’t love pumpkin carving?

We make it a family activity. These were our creations from last year. My hubby did the pumpkin King for me.

Here are my top three ideas for this year. I’ll do some more searching and then pick my favorite.

Have you started looking for ideas yet?

The tree and the wolf are tied for my top pick

You can keep it simple with a pencil and carving knife. This year we got this super affordable, beginner carving kit on Amazon.

Are you carving a pumpkin this year? What are your ideas? Do you do another activity instead? Share your photos and thought in the comments.

Stay tuned for more Halloween fun!

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