A Wild Ride as a Glam Demon – Finding Me

When you completely tap into your inner energy, your true being, things just flow. You know that feeling? No resistance. Just flow. Your energy is good. It vibrates in a warm, happy way that attracts other people.

The last couple of years have been a wild ride as I ventured down the path to writing my first novel, which turned out to be an 80s Heavy Metal Serial Killer Thriller. Yes. When I first starting writing it, characters and scenes materialized within me. And I doubted a lot of it. I thought it was just too weird. I wasn’t sure if I should write this book. It seems funny to recall those thoughts now. A lot has happened between then and now. I met a lot of really cool, interesting, supportive people. And guess what? They’ve made me realize that I am weird – and that’s just fine. The people that were already in my life also supported me every step of the way – both my writing and my weirdness.

So, on this particular day, in all my inner glam demon glory, my energy shone and I floated along my path of to-do items – all in the name of launching a Serial Killer Thriller infused with criminal profiling, ritualistic murder scenes, heavy metal, and everything 80s. Thus, it is fitting that the launch will be a spectacular 80s party. 80s clothes. 80s hair. 80s music. Glam. Rock. Metal. It will be a blast.

As I swirled along on the 80s vortex, my first stop took me to Melodiya Records. This place is COOL. You need to check it out! On the hunt for a couple of cassettes that I still have’t found…I found one of them.

And while I was hunched down in full squat position in my black buckled high boots, a cool guy with long hair talked to me. He informed me that Sebastian Bach is coming to Calgary. Yes. Somehow, I screamed so badly that I needed to see Sebastian Bach, that this stranger knew he had to tell me about it. And I do – badly need to see Sebastian Bach. The last time he came through I stupidly didn’t go. I can’t explain it. Thanks to cool, long haired (and his vibe was really cool) record store man – I got in on the pre-sale!!!


Off I went further into the vortex of my 80s journey. I stopped at Sweet Fusion, the coolest candy store ever, where Paul graciously helped me pick out as much 80s candy as I could fit into a big bag. Do you remember ALL of these?


Want some candy? Come to the 80s party and dip your hand into the bowl!!

Further into the 80s party vortex, the post office called for me. I needed to send a copy of my serial killer thriller to one of my fabulous beta readers in San Diego (I wish I was on that beach!). The lady behind the counter was cooler than cool. She told me I had a Janis look with a Hendrix vibe. When she asked me what was in the package (a standard question) – she was fascinated by the fact that I wrote a book. WOW – I found my one true fan!!! She slipped it out of the package and stroked it lovingly. I fell in love with her in an instant. Her energy was amazing. I think our vibes were feeding off each other!

So…as I spun right round, yes, like a record, baby – my day unfolded. I let my energy guide me. This two year journey of writing this book – well – it was more of a journey of truly finding myself – at this stage in my inner glam demon unfurling from within.

My advice to you as we wind down 2019 and embrace a whole new decade…find you, be you, and embrace you.

If you feel like wearing that Bon Jovi t-shirt today – do it. If you feel like listening to that album again – for the trillionth time – that shoots thrills throughout your entire being – well do it.




If you have a dream of doing something that you are not making space for in your life and that you are letting doubts fester in your mind about – stop. Pick up a pen and a journal, find a quiet place for five minutes, and write a detailed description of this dream and three steps you can take to move toward it. Come with me on this wild ride and find your own inner glam demon.

Stop 1: 80s party on Jan 15!!!

Come tell me what dream you’re pursuing – starting now. And we’ll eat some candy, have a drink and partaaaay!!!