Killers AND Demons? Why is Your Creation so Ghastly?

Killers AND demons. Why, Julie, why? Why did you create such a ghastly sounding website?

I’ll tell you why.


The killers part comes from my obsession with serial killers. I’m absolutely fascinated with such dark, twisted minds, and have been for a long time. I’ve been watching Criminal Minds for years, and I squeal with delight when an endless stream of re-runs appears on TV allowing me a full day of binging on murder while the rain pelts against the window. When I’m cooking dinner or my latest French pastry creation, I love to put Forensic Files on in the background and pick up tidbits of gruesome acts and how DNA, fibres, or stupidly left paper trails lead the authorities to the killer.

Dusting For Fingerprints On WhiteI love to problem solve. I love investigations, and poking holes in the fictitious, or real ones, that I watch with eagerness. As for the killers, well, it scares me to death what real people are capable of. This particular type of killer – the serial killer – the kind of person who cannot be completely and accurately psychologically diagnosed, and who becomes so obsessed with a dark fantasy that he or she must play it out over and over – like some sort of horror flick – until it is perfect, fascinates the part of my brain that can’t look away. I can’t help wanting to figure out why someone can murder dozens of people and do unspeakable things to the bodies. I can’t help wanting to understand why it happens and why it’s so difficult to stop, to prevent, to nip in the bud. It’s terrifying. Just like you, I have my favourite genres of movies and books – and scary shit just happens to be right on top.


Another equally deep passion of mine is writing. I loved to write when I was younger. That love was re-kindled when I wrote a non-fiction book. I also love a good challenge, thus, I decided to write a novel. Why? Because it seemed like a massive mountain to climb – one which I didn’t really know how to get over. Just my kind of project. Also, because there is nothing more delicious than delving deep into a well written story. I love reading. So much so that I really, really, really wanted to give that experience back to other readers. So, I wrote a novel. And, yes, it was about a sadistic, sick, dramatic, tortured soul … not sure if I’m talking about the serial killer or the detective. That is up to you to decide.

Alright. So I’ve explained the ‘killers’. Part. Where did the ‘demons’ come from?


In my recent deep dive into the scary and horrific, I’ve developed quite the appetite for all things spine prickling and bone chilling. It’s fun to do scary makeup and speak with a creepy voice. It’s fun to get lost in a terrifying read. It’s tantalizing to put the makeup, the voice, and a creepy reading on video and share it with the world. I’ve discovered that I love writing horror just as much as I love writing about serial killers. There is a bridge between killers and demons – a close connection. It turns out that evil forces portrayed in ‘horror’ stories are very similar to serial killers. They simply have an amplified supernatural element. Demonic possession is a good example, and a topic that is still being churned into new books and shows.


I had an inkling about this, thus, I chose the ‘killers AND demons’ with the foresight that I would create both dark crime and horror stories. This idea was further validated when I started researching how books with a similar flare to mine are categorized. It turns out that Silence of the Lambs lands in the horror category, among others. The more people I talk to you in crime and horror writing circles, the more I realize that a lot of people find serial killers to be simply horrifying. These sadistic souls are often brought up in discussion of the genre of horror.

Thus, I have now fully plunged myself down the dark crime and horror path of the creation called Killers And Demons. Can you hear the trumpets sounding (or the 80s style sexy saxophone which is really more my style)?

Come with me, on this journey. Let me deliver to you in written and read format, tales of sadistic killers and evil demons. Let me run a chill up your spine. Let me whisper a cold breeze in your ear. Let me tell you stories that will terrify and delight you.

Play along. Get a copy of the first book. Read the short stories. Listen to a reading by Demon Julie – if you dare. Stay tuned for more content…like the soon to be rolled out Serial Killer feature. Be sure the follow Killers and Demons as not to miss out on all this delicious fun!!!

It’s all in good fun. Come along for the ride…


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