The First Corpse

The first corpse was found in the woods by a little girl with bouncing blonde curls and pink boots.

This first corpse yanked Detective Mahoney from his sunny side ups and hurled him into a dark vortex in one foul swoop.

The first corpse with long dark curls, painted porcelain skin, and deep intersecting lacerations marking the work of a sadist.

The first corpse is the one that will haunt Detective Mahoney until he finds the sick psycho that left the body on a bed of leaves.

Get your copy of the first book in a NEW dark crime series. The story will chill you to the bone. The story will haunt your mind at night. The story will take you into the mind of the torturous journey of a sadistic psycho. The story will take you on a journey with a man who can only take so many dead bodies, so many dead ends, and so many nights without a stiff bourbon.

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