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Come with me on a journey through story time…

Stories take us out of our reality and immerse us into another world.

Stories allow us to lose ourselves and all the little things that don’t matter…for a few hours or an entire day.

Stories connect us with the wild beings within us.

Stories let us see through the eyes of good characters, reinforcing our belief in humanity.

Stories let us walk in the shoes of bad characters that test our limits. And pure evil ones that make us question what we, ourselves, would do in extreme circumstances.

Stories take us back to a time when mom or dad would read to us before bed. To a time when our imaginations ran wild. To a time when we were afraid of the dark.

Come with me…if you dare…




My Book Isn’t Perfect


Stay tuned for the launch of the NEW Dark Crime Series. Murder meets 80s hard rock. A psychotic, sadistic killer addicted to ritual. Murder scenes deeply rooted in dark fantasy. A homicide detective haunted by the ghost faces of a past case. Local homicide strategies clash with FBI criminal profiling. 

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